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We are a independant collective of designers and developer who make games, tools, prototypes, and interactive experiences. Sharing a passion for digital creativity we love exploring the digital frontier, building new things.


OZARK explores the story of ÆDEM, a private military contractor who are tasked to infiltrate a secret underground base in the Arkansas Mountains. Discover what nefarious activities are happening deep within the mountains.


TENET is a fast-paced shooter where you are trapped underworld in a nightmarish arena, and the only key to survival is to stay within the light. Your skills will be put to the test as you blast, punch, and stomp your way through this gore infused gauntlet as you tear your foes limb to limb.


SPECTER is a simple but powerful tool that allows Artists, Designers, Directors and Creatives to channel their ideas into tangible concepts. Use it in pre-production, whether you are a Director or Creative in the movie industry or a hobbyist you can take your mental images and create them with ease.


Summer's not over yet! SOAKED is a multiplayer team based competitive water gun game protype developed as a proof of concept for our in-house multiplayer engine.


UNUM is an experimental prototype exploring VR mechanics.